Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Canvas Makeover!!!

Remember when I gave you a tour of my master bedroom??  Well... do you remember when I told you that I had plans to makeover this picture...

I finally did it. I FINALLY figured out exactly what I wanted and believe it or not, Maila actually helped me out with this idea.


And the remarkable AFTER!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

The colors aren't quite as neon as they're showing up in the picture, but I love it all the same. And probably would love it still even if it were neon.

It prompted me to re-decorate my kitchen AGAIN...

I even finally got CURTAINS! *swoon* I'll show you those later though... I'm just so excited about my new artwork!! I need the constant daily reminder, in fact, I think everybody needs a constant reminder.

The picture also came in this AWESOME huge ornate frame...but it was gold. Bleh. NOT my style. So I refinished that in a High Gloss White. LOVE.

I REALLY love it.

So easy. You should try it.

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