Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Chicago Home - Master Bedroom - Before

Things have been crazy in my life lately (see here) - so I haven't had a lot of time to decorate. But I've found as I've slowly been finishing my kitchen, that when my house is decorated and organized and CLEAN, the hubs and I, and especially our kiddos feel so much better. So, I'm making decorating and organizing my house a priority!! (plus... it's fun!)

A happy house is a house where everything has a place...

Unfortunately, our master bedroom is not the retreat that my hubs and I need it to be after a LONG year in 2012, and after long days at home and at dental school. We need our master bedroom to be a place where we can escape and reconnect - away from diapers, and baby toys and clutter. The hubs especially hates clutter!!

So, here is our master bedroom now ... I have LOTS of ideas and already pretty much know exactly how it's changing... it might just take me a while to get it the way I want it. But for now - here's what we're living in...

Bleh. It already looks like a NOT relaxing room.
There's nothing inviting about the entrance to our room!!

Yellow dresser complete with bulky TV and Disney movies
My lamp that was re done sits in the corner

Ikea floating shelf - TOO messy - TOO unorganized

My too big - ugly desk with all the exposed cords!

 Check out that "awesome" painting above my bed! $30.00 thrift store find but I've got a BIG makeover planned for it!

The ottoman at the foot of my bed - also needs a makeover

Sheer drapery panels make this room feel SO much lighter!! I love them!

a close up of the painting above my bed - like I said - BIG plans for it!
Sheer panels - and the bathroom door from my room

Sign on the wall at the foot of my bed

Printable that I created

back of bedroom door - I need to find another way to store these

cluttered, over sized, dirty, ugly, desk

cluttered, disorganized shelf

wall opposite my bed - 4 sliding closet doors and the en suite bathroom door

That's it for now, but big changes are coming!! Part of decorating is decision making, which can take a long time. I want to be absolutely sure, that whatever I do in here, helps the hubs and I unwind after a long day, and reconnect with each other... in the most ways possible :)


Want my "Life Story" Printable?? You can get it here --- Just right click on the picture and save the file - It's a high resolution JPEG image - sized for an 8x10... Enjoy!

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  1. Hailey, I literally dreamed about your family last night after reading through all your decorating plans! So excited to see what you do!