Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mission Printable in Max & Maila's room

I'm so happy that people are reading my blog and leaving comments!! It makes my day!! I had someone ask me yesterday where I got Max's "I Hope they Call me on a Mission" Printable as seen in this picture...

Truth is, I created it. I wanted something for his room and that's what I came up with! and I LOVE it!! It's a constant reminder (maybe not yet for him) but for what I need to be preparing him for already...

Do you want it???

Here's where you can get it ...

For now... here are the versions that are up on my website they are $5.00 per print and you can download and print as many times as you want:


Light Blue & Black Font

Light Gray & Black Font

Light Gray & Lime Font

Light Gray & Red Font

Light Gray & Turquoise Font

Yellow & Black Font

For the one I put in Max's room... I made that special for him... It's a 16x20 size. Lime Green map with Black Font... 

All of these are also $5.00 and can be downloaded and printed as much as you'd like... 

Those can be found here...

Here are some examples of what versions I have for those... they can all have the child's name, or not have it... These all have Max's name..





Like I said, obviously I have a green one too.. these can be made in literally ANY color!! 

I love them. What about you??

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