Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thrift Store Score - Bedroom Accessories!

When decorating on a budget (and even sometimes when you're not) thrift stores and garage sales are your best friends!! You can usually find really beautiful things for not a lot of money!

Today, I packed up my babies in the FREEZING Chicago weather and we headed on over to our local thrift store, Savers. I LOVE shopping here - partly because it's cheap - but also when I donate something, they give you coupons ... and who doesn't love to use coupons on items that are already cheap to begin with! Woo!!!

Now - since I've set myself a budget for my Master Bedroom overhaul, I've got to be REALLY creative about where and how I accessorize. Thrift stores are the perfect place for me to look and I did find some goodies!

First off - these three Mercury Glass Christmas ornaments - and they are LARGE!! I love them, they'll look so cute in a tray or one alone - and just because they're technically an ornament, doesn't mean that I can't use them year round - an ornament doesn't need to be an ornament, it can just be a pretty ball too.

I also found this heavy silver candlestick and a little glittery candle to go with it - who doesn't love bling??

Now, let's talk money -

Those mercury glass balls were originally $1.99 a peice, but since they were Christmas they were an additional 75% off - plus I had a 20% off coupon. They were basically free. Best. Decor. Ever. Minus what I paid for them, they're pretty similar to these ones (if you want to splurge):

The silver candlestick holder and candle were each $1.99 a piece too - I got 20% off of those so I think they were around $3.00 for both of them. Not as good as the balls, but not bad either.

But my MOST favorite thing that I bought today cost me a whopping $2.40. It is insanely adorable, and will make me and my baby boy happy lots and lots of times! It makes me happy just looking at it knowing how much I paid for it!

It's a vintage George Imports airplane music box that plays "Fly Me to the Moon". I'm in love with it.
It will be SO adorable in my kids room! Max LOVES airplanes, and I LOVE it.

So, for well under $10.00 - I got 6 things - 5 of which are for my bedroom. It was a very successful outing! Yay for thrift stores!!

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