Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wedding Canvas Art Tutorial

I've seen canvas art work ALL OVER pinterest lately - seems that you can put anything onto a canvas these days.. but what I'm really crushing on, is the word art. It's so beautiful and so personal!!


Aren't they just adorable??? I love how the one on the left is framing a bed! So I set off to make my own canvas word art!! It was simple, REALLY cheap, and the perfect personal touch for my bedroom.

Here's how you do it:


- Canvas (I used two, one for each side of my bed) - mine were from Hobby Lobby, 16x20, $8.00 for a 2-pack and I had a 40% off coupon
- Lyrics to first dance song, vows, or - in my case - his and her journal entries on what they remember about the day they got married (I made us do that a week after our wedding - SO glad I did!)
- Ruler (to outline where the words go)
- Sharpies
- Paint ( if you don't want the background white)

I just wanted a white canvas with black lettering - super simple. It's going up against a dark gray wall (eventually) so I really wanted it to stand out. If you don't want a white background, then the first thing you do is paint your canvas.

First thing I did was to figure out the spacing on my canvas. I wanted a clean beginning and ending and to be able to make sure that I could get all of my journal entry on the canvas ...

 My journal had 80 lines of writing - my canvas was 16 x 20 (which just happened to work out perfectly. To make sure it fitted, I needed 40 lines on my canvas. (What I could fit on one line of canvas would fit two lines from my journal - make sense??)

Lay out your ruler on the left side of the canvas and mark every half inch. You'll draw the lines later. Repeat that process for the middle of the canvas and the right side of the canvas.
 You should have three sets of marks a half inch apart all the length down your canvas on the left, middle, and right sides. Take your ruler and a PENCIL and draw a line connecting the dots horizontally. That's your guide for writing to make sure your lines are nice and straight.

If you don't care about straight lines, then don't worry about doing that step.

 Begin writing... make sure that you are a stickler for keeping to your guide!! It would really suck to finish writing and still have a blank space at the bottom of the canvas - especially if you're doing lyrics to a song or your vows or something you really can't add too. It's ok to be OCD about this part.
 Try not to be jealous of how good I look in that picture.

All done!!

As I mentioned before, I have two canvas'. One for my journal entry and one for the Hubs. I wrote mine, and the hubs is going to write his own. Just use the same guide to do both of them.

It was so nice to re-read our journal entries about the day we got married... as life goes on your forget the details about what happened! We haven't read them since we wrote them.. it was a nice way for me to reconnect with my hubs again, remind me how giddy I was that day. 

 Hang up and enjoy!! I'll show you how good it looks up against my dark gray wall, once I get it painted!

Let's summarize - for $4.80 I got a canvas for each side of my bed to remind me of my special day! That's a pretty good price for a constant reminder!!

Now get off your computer and go relive your special day!

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  1. You know I'm trying to zoom in to read it better ;) This is great!! No idea it could be so inexpensive, too!!