Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's True...

I've been known to sew on occasion.. my newest sewing venture has become something of an obsession.... Maxi skirts!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, and almost wear them on a daily basis. So loose, comfy and just...perfect. One problem, any time I find one in the stores... TOO much. Seriously, who can afford $50 on a skirt?? Not me. Not now.

The one down side to making your own maxi skirts is that jersey fabric is not that cheap. Unless you find a great deal on it... It typically is $9.99/yd and the nicer, softer ones are $14.99/yd. And you need about 2 yards per skirt, so it can be expensive unless you've got a really great place to get good quality jersey fabric for cheap.... which I happen to have :)

I figure I can put my sewing-a-maxi-skirt knowledge to good use and start selling them for *almost* cheaper than it would be to make your own...

Visit here for prices and such... but for now... here are the jersey fabrics I currently have on stock..



Large Cheetah Print

Large Blue Floral Print

Navy and White Stripes

Lime Green

Navy Sequin with Navy Lining

Navy Blue


Sheer Coral with lining

Small Tan Floral

Turquoise Ruffle

Turquoise Stripes

Turquoise Cheetah Print


White Jersey Lace with lining
Happy Shopping!

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