Friday, March 1, 2013

Sunburst Mirror Tutorial

These are all OVER the internet!! Super simple, SUPER cheap, and super easy. All of them are pretty much the same, but I wanted to show you my version...if you want a little more sparkle!

What you Need:
Circular Mirror
(I got mine from Hobby Lobby for 50% off - it was $5 or something)
LOTS of Paint Sticks
Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint
2" Craft Mirrors
1" Craft Mirrors
3/4" Craft Mirrors
 Hot Glue
(I've had this mirror for a couple months and the glue is holding up splendidly)

First things first - If your want you paint sticks painted, that's the first step. I didn't paint my originally and had to go back and paint them later. It wasn't that annoying, but definitely would have been easier had I painted them to begin with. 

After your paint sticks are dry, turn your mirror reflective side down and lay out how you want your paint sticks to look. After calculating how many paint sticks you need, for whatever pattern you want - attach the 2" mirrors to the end of each paint stick with hot glue. You don't need a ton, but make sure that they are secure.

After attaching the mirrors to the end, glue your paint sticks to the back of the large mirror with hot glue.

 You could leave it like that if you wanted. I left mine like that for about 3 months. Probably a little longer. But then I got bored with it and wanted more SPARKLE!! 

This is when painting it first would have come in handy. I decided I didn't like the natural wood color on my paint sticks, so I got out my acrylic paint, my handy dandy paint brush, and painted the sticks a bright white.

 If you're smarter than me, you can just skip that step because you've already painted your paint sticks.

Lay out your mirror on a flat surface, with the mirrors pointed up. (A table or something flat and hard is the best option.. I opted for my couch because I wanted to watch Castle while I did this part - but it for sure would have been easier and probably faster on my table.)

Take your craft mirrors, and one size at a time, place them on your paint sticks. DON'T GLUE THEM DOWN YET!! Make sure you get them all where you want them and THEN glue them to your paint sticks!!

3/4" Craft Mirrors, 1" and 2" Craft Mirrors

With the 1" Mirrors placed

With the 2" craft mirrors placed

With the 3/4" craft mirrors placed

Once you've got them how you like them, hot glue them down.

Glue an attachment to hang your mirror up on the back. This part was tricky for me, I used liquid nails at first to attach a hook to the back, but that fell off and it busted. So I ended up breaking off a piece of a paint stick and gluing that to two other paint sticks (see the picture) It worked like a charm. A bit barbaric, but it gets the job done. Just put a screw in the wall to hold up your mirror.

Then hang it up! Viola!! Isn't she beautiful?? And SO easy!!


Look at all the sparkle!! I LOVE it!!!

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