Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stake Conference & Babies

This Sunday was Stake Conference and it was so wonderful! I heard so many things that I needed to hear! I can't even remember the names of everyone that spoke but I was trying to pay more attention to what they were saying! It's been a rough go the last couples of days, so today was just the day that I needed!!! So grateful for my church!!

Also... I photographed a baby shower yesterday! It was wonderful! They had it at the church and it looked like a reception more than anything! You could tell there was a million hours of work poured into it! I love seeing someone's hard work all come together! It was beautiful! The mom and dad were glowing!! LOVE seeing that!!


You'll have to wait until I'm done editing them all to see, but just trust that it was AMAZING!! Seriously. 

Happy Sunday everybody!!

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