Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Light & Bright Entryway!!

The first place that people see when they come into my quaint little home, is the entryway. That's also where the nasty shoes, coats, and mish-mosh of forgotten mail goes. Those two = don't mix.

Which is why I was SO sad for SO long that this is what people saw when they walked in my house...

Gross. What kind of a greeting is that?? Dirty mirror, stinky shoes, and usually a messy table top. I may or may not have cleaned it off for this picture in an attempt to show that it really wasn't so bad, but it was.

After brainstorming for a little bit, and thanks to redoing my bedroom.. I figured out a solution!! I swapped some furniture, moved around some decorations like this pretty mirror, thrifted some new accessories, and VIOLA!! Light and bright entryway!!

SUCH SUCH SUCH an improvement!!!

Complete with pretty little accessories!!!

...and an ever so gentle reminder to be happy!!

But want to know what I love most about my entryway???

Yep. You guessed it. DRAWERS TO HIDE THE NASTY SHOES!! Woo!!! Now this is all people see when they walk in not nasty dirty shoes!! *swoon*. (because your own house should make you swoon)

One more time...


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  1. you are definitely your mother's daughter - love the creativity - and it really looks nice