Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Couch! Woo!

2nd phase of decorating my family room was to buy a new couch! Woo!!!! I had LOTS and LOTS of ideas of what I wanted... I knew I wanted a gray couch, and I wanted it to be pretty. The hubs wanted it to be comfy. So we spent lots and lots of hours going from furniture store to furniture store searching, and sitting, and comparing...

In the end, this beauty won us over...

She's smaller than our previous sectional.. in fact, she's not a sectional at all. Just an oversized sofa with a chaise. An AWESOME chaise. It's like 4 feet wide. Talk about cozy. It even comes with those adorable gray and green pillows- which are basically perfect.

We bought it from Ashley Furniture. It was kind of pricey, but we got a "manager's special" for buying it this weekend, and that saved us a couple hundred dollars. Add in the money we made from selling our couch and my green rug and an end table, and she didn't end up costing us a ton of money. Woo!!!

We even had enough left over to buy these two lovelies to add to our room...
$20.00 coffee table from Ikea - I've got plans for this baby :)
I was going to buy a coffee table from Goodwill or something and just refinish it, but I figured for $20.00, I could just get a new one that matched all our other furniture in the room. The hubs agreed. Which is all I need.
$20.00 Rug from Ikea - She's 6'x4' - pretty big for such a small price tag...
 I can't wait for our couch to be delivered on TUESDAY!! Holy fast!! It will look so pretty in here!!

Stay tuned for a new tutorial coming this way... how to make a $5 lamp look like a $50 lamp!!

Exciting things!!


  1. We have very different taste but I appreciate your designers eye very much! It's fun to see all the awesome stuff you're doing! Keep it up, love it!