Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Family Room

oooo!!! I've been BIZ-AY!! Lots and LOTS of ideas are just running rampant through my mind!! I've been spending all this time working on my family room ... well planning it. After all, good designs that stay in budget require planning! LOTS of planning!!

But Phase 1 is complete!!! Get rid of the HUGE, OVERSIZED, UGLY tan sectional! It sold last night! Woo!!

Look how huge that is in this room?? It basically takes up the whole space. So glad it's gone!!

Now the hubs and I get to couch shop, which I happen to think is SO fun! Seriously!! Our next couch will be much more appropriately sized...and pretty. It will be pretty. Check here for what I'm thinking couch wise...

For now... let your mind be completely confused by this sneek at my next project....

Well... it's really not a sneek...but what would I need all the wall measurements for??? Hmm....

Ponder that.
Check back soon!

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