Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I know, I know... it's been a while since I posted. Ha. It's only been 6 days but I've felt the void.

But no worries, I know the only people who probably cared are my mom and kyle's mom.

Even if that's the case.... here's an update..

That's right people, we've got TWO teeth!!

sweetie pie bought me flowers just because :)


Flat tire after church?? Don't mind if we do!

It's been a really good last 6 days...

I told you I take a million pictures.


  1. I like the last picture...I think there's one out there just like that of Bryan and me! Glad you guys could come out Sunday.

  2. Yup - I check every day to see if there are updates - thanks for keeping the pictures coming - all of them are cute - sorry about the flat tire Kyle...at least their wasn't three feet of snow on the ground!

  3. Question....what camera do you have? I've decided to use our tax return to buy one because I am tired of capturing Anders' moments with a phone camera! Now I just have to figure out which one to get!