Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January's Movie

I take a million pictures. It's true. I don't lack in that area. I am that annoying mom who walks around with her camera around her neck taking pictures of her kids and everything else... I also take videos.

One of my goals this year (NOT a resolution - I'll always fail at those) was to take more videos of our life. I wanted to be able to make a little video at the end of each month that highlighted some of the moments that make me smile on a daily basis!!

I just completed January's video and I love it. Such a cute little way for me to look back at some things that happend in January and the first few days of February..

What do you do with your videos?? Do you even take videos anymore??

Can't see the video here or want to see it bigger??? try watching it here...


  1. What a kick! Being so far away is not so bad when we have a daughter who keeps up the movies and photos. You'll be glad forever that you took the trouble to preserve these memories. I wonder what Max and Maila will think of them when they are old enough to appreciate them. I wonder what they will remember. I wonder...
    And we appreciate. Love, George & June

  2. I don't even know your kids, and I wanted to cry. This is so precious. And this song is my absolute favorite right now. Making a video like this has been on my "to-do" for about a year+. Thanks for inspiring me to get at it!!

  3. Hi! I found you via Pinterest (the heart background for V-day photos) and had to watch your video. It was ADORABLE and I really want to do this! Thanks for the wonderful idea. What did you shoot the videos with?