Friday, February 22, 2013

Good Inspiration

I have an amazing family on both sides. But today... I stumbled across something that I don't know how I didn't know it was there??? It is magnificent!! Such a good thing to do and if she doesn't mind.. I hope it's something I can start to do!

This girl... a genius. Seriously people. This world is so focused on what people want and a "gimme gimme" attitude that it was SO refreshing when I came across her "Be Grateful" blog.

Genius people. One of the best ideas ever. I'm going to steal it start doing it too...

click here if you want to know why this is such an awesome idea

Her whole family is adorable so how could she not be grateful??

I have a million things to be grateful for every day. I just can't stop gushing over what a great idea it is to document them so you remember.

Genius. Genius.

Thanks for the good idea!!!!!

I'm grateful for YOU!

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  1. Thanks Hailey! I'm excited that you'll be doing it too!!