Monday, February 25, 2013

Date Night

For Christmas this year, Kyle & I decided to make each others gifts as opposed to buying them (because we are poor). Kyle's gift from me was a binder full of dates! Woo!! With two kids, our date nights were getting fewer and farther between and that's NEVER good.

So I planned one big date for each month, made a printable for the date, and put it in his handy dandy notebook.

This was January's...

It was fabulous... The Temple is always a good place to go and I always feel rejuvenated after we go. To learn more about why I go to the temple, click here.

February's date was AWESOME this month!!!

Sorry about that last part.... TMI maybe?? But we are married...

The Auto show was AWESOME!! It gave us some serious car envy, but our little Ford Focus is still trucking along.. It was so nice to get away and enjoy the evening together!

what's missing here?? I'll give you a hint... NO DOOR HANDLE!!!! You just tap the side of the car to open the door!!

The new corvette

We saw one of these one our way to the auto show.. BEAUTIFUL car. I want one. Anniversary maybe?

do you see that price tag?? Ah!

I'm happy because I found the car I want... an Escalade. Happily, Kyle wants one too now.

It was such a nice night, although next year, I'm not wearing such a heavy coat. And I'm bringing a smaller purse.

Also... how could you not love living in a big city... I love driving through downtown.

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