Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 6th

Nope, she's not been born.

Friday was an easier day than thursday. Kyle arrived in Spokane thursday night and spent the night here. Because the Hobson reunion was going on in Lewiston he left around 3:30a.m. Friday morning to get back to Lewiston in time for the 6a.m. tee time for the Men's Golfing tournament. I figured it wasn't a big deal, I wasn't having any contractions yet and there's really nothing for him to do here except twiddle his thumbs and he's not very good at that.

Our night nurse from Thursday was so wonderful. Her name is Sonja. If I could, I would have her be my nurse all the time. She's so easy and sweet and our personalities are very similiar so it's wonderful. She even calls me "girly" which is something my mom calls me so it makes me feel just that much more special and loved.

While Kyle was back in Lewiston with his family, I got taken down for a more thorough ultrasound. Because I'm only 32 weeks and my water is broken, I'm considered a high risk patient. So there's a special wing in the hospital where they do the ultrasounds for patients like that. It was a little intense. You're not allowed to ask questiosn to the technician who actually does that ultrasound - you have to wait until after they're done and then a doctor comes in and explains what's been going on.  So it was a chance for me to take a little nap.

The results were a little intense from the ultrasound - the baby is breech and mostly likely will not be moving out of that position because of how little amniotic fluid there is. In a normal pregnancy there's around 12-24cm of amniotic fluid surrounding baby, doctors start to get concerned when the level gets to around 5-8cm. I measured at 4cm. That opens up a whole can of worms. Risk of infection is higher, risk of cord collapsing is higher, etc. Because she was breech when my water broke and there's not enough fluid in there anymore for her to be able to move, she will be delivered by C-Section. Ah. Deep breath Hailey.

After my ultrasound, I was wheeled back up to my room and had some more visitors. Karleen Grothe from my high school was there to see me. Which was so nice. I hadn't talked to her in a really long time. It was nice to catch up. Nico and his girlfriend Kyra came by again and while all three of them were there, Kyle arrived back at the hospital. We all visited for a little while and then after everyone left. Kyle and I napped. Neither one of us had gotten very much sleep in the last two days.

After napping, we took a tour of the NICU. That was actually more comforting than not. We saw alot of babies ( some SUPER tiny - and some around the age that this girl will be when she's born ). The ones that were around 32-33 weeks weren't as small as I thought they would be so it was comforting to put my mind at ease. The nurses up there were all wonderful too. They kept saying "32 weeks? Oh she'll be fine! Those little girls are tough!" It's always nice to have that kind of assurance.

Between the endless arrival of doctors and nurses and specialists, we learned that she will probably be in the NICU up until close to my due date. Which means that I'll probably be living in Spokane up until that point. I have to be around to be able to pump (she won't be able to breastfeed for a while - but I have to make sure that I keep my milk supply up) and to just be there in case something were to happen. Being in Lewiston (which is only 2 hours away) is just too far out of my comfort zone if something were to happen to her.

The downside to this is Max. It's Sunday right now and I haven't seen him since Wednesday night. That's heartbreaking, I'm sure all the mothers out there can agree. I just want to hold my baby boy.

I think that covers alot of Friday as well... again, I'm sure I've missed some details but you get the general idea.

This whole journey is just mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting for both Kyle and I. And it hasn't even really started yet.

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