Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 11th

Nope, she's not been born yet.

The doctor came in this morning though and informed me that my c-section has been scheduled! Woo!!! Next Wednesday (July 18th) at 9:45a.m. Only one week left. So that's all well and good - if she stays in that long...

They're still concerned about me getting an infection. They've done by bloodwork now 3 times and each time my white blood cell count is a little high. My blood pressure has also been a little high and I run sparatic fevers... but because my fevers always break and I'm not exibiting any other symptoms, they don't seem too worried. They collected a urine sample from me and it showed that it had some protein in it and some blood..which sounds a little sketchy to me... My doctor (Dr. Forsnes) says that it could be the beginning of a UTI. Awesome. There's not a lot they can do about it now except for increasing their monitoring. Someone comes in about every 3 hours for vitals and now they are collecting all of my urine for the next 24 hours. I asked him what happens if it shows elevated levels of protein and he said that if that were the case, they may move up my due date. But we'll see. In all honesty, I'm still suprised that I've made it this long. Wednesday is day 7 for me in the hospital.

I'm going to go crazy.

In brighter news, my baby Max is coming up tomorrow to see me! I'm excited about that!!! Heidi and Kyle are meeting halfway and then Max is going to spend some quality time up here with his parents - well, mostly his daddy. But at least I'll be able to see him. It's really hard to not be able to see him, so I'm really hoping that it will help me to feel better about this whole thing. My dad is also arriving tomorrow night. He has business meetings in Spokane this week, but he'll be staying an extra day to spend some time with us. Which is great - I need my dad's love. It's also great for Kyle because that means he gets a break from sleeping on the horrible hospital couch sofa thing. Plus, it will give Kyle something to do. He needs something to do. He did bring his golf clubs up to Spokane but he doesn't get the student discount on these golf courses that he gets in Lewiston. So it's a whopping $30 bucks every time he wants to go. He's been a couple times, but our poor bank account can't handle much more. So hopefully having Max and my Dad here will be a nice distraction for him and he'll forget about how boring it is here at the hospital with me. Although we did play Jenga tonight - that was intense.

If all goes according to the new plan - I'll have a beautiful new baby girl next week. Even if everything doesn't go according to the plan, I'll still have a new baby girl next week. I'm just hoping she's healthy as she can be at this point.

Nothing else much has changed, I'm still not feeling contractions. But my back is starting to ache and my stomach is upset all the time. Probably because I've literally done no physical activity for the last 7 days and the food here is.... interesting, to say the least.

I can't wait to not lie down for, like, 8 years after this.

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  1. This scene is all too familiar, but you will be fine this will be over and you will have a darling baby. Remember doctors always give you the worst case scenario, nurses the best cast scenario. But I was born at 32 weeks and weighed 2.11 lbs 54 years ago. You will have a short chubby baby girl, I don't care how tall you and Kyle are! She does not have the room to stretch and lengthen with limited water. If you need anything please call. 208-746-8103 Kim