Monday, July 16, 2012

July 14th, July 15th

Nope, she's not been born yet. Saturday and Sunday were basically the same pregnancy wise as the last couple days. Nothing has developed (infection wise) and baby girl looks healthy as she can from the monitors. Which is a good sign. I'm pretty positive that she'll stay in until Wednesday. Which is a good thing, no matter how boring it is for Kyle and I to just sit here. I'm trying to think if anything significant has happened these last couple days, but nothing comes to mind. Kyle and I have discovered a new game that has occupied lots of hours here. Boggle. It's ridiculous how fun it is. Or maybe it's not really that fun, it's just that there's nothing else to do here. Max went home in Saturday night. He was up here from Thursday night so it was so good to see him. He was such a cuddle bug. Saturday he even fell asleep on the hospital bed with me. He hasn't napped like that in a long time. Kyle kept asking if I wanted him to move Max into his porta-crib that we had set up, but I couldn't. I just wanted to keep him sleeping so peacefully in my arms. Eventually Kyle did move him because I would have fallen off the bed. Max can be quite the bed hog. But it's ok. He's still adorable. My mom is coming up on Tuesday. It will be so nice to see her. She always calms me down. Only two more days here on bedrest. Then I'm just in bed to recover from my c-section. But at least I'll be able to get up when I feel like it. I am REALLY looking forward to that. I'll let you know if anything else pops up. Kyle and I are ready for this part of it to be done. But you never know, watching our baby in the NICU could make us wish for me on bed rest instead.

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