Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update on my Parents..

My mom is still bed ridden, and stuck at the condo in Kona, but hopefully she feels better as the days go on. My aunt is flying out to Hawaii tomorrow to be with my mom. They'll pack up the condo in Kona and then fly to Honolulu and stay in a hotel near the hospital so my mom can finally see my dad. You can't imagine how hard this is on her.

My dad has a spinal contusion. He's got a lot of swelling, and is in a lot of pain. He's having a hard time moving but he can wiggle all his fingers and toes. Which is a good sign. Doctors say he'll for sure walk again. So that's good news. He'll probably remain in the Neuro ICU for the next 7-10 days. I'm not sure if he'll remain in the hospital for any length of time after that. But hopefully he'll be out of the hospital and able to travel soon so that he and my mom can go home.

That's really all we know now... there have been a lot of tender mercies already. Maybe the biggest one is the stranger that pulled my dad out of the water. I can't imagine what would have happened had he not been there... oh. I don't even want to think about it. But at least that's not the reality.

They don't want calls. So please try to refrain for a couple days at least. They are both in shock, and tired and in desperate need of rest. But it would be great if your prayers would continue on their behalf.

It will be a slow recovery road, I fear, but it will be fine.

We will be fine.

We will be fine.

We will be fine.

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  1. Hailey.... Our prayers are definately for your parents. hugs JackieSkinfill