Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good news, good news...

I got this email from my Aunt this morning - the one who is with my parents in Hawaii. It's such a comfort to have her there!! She's much better at giving me information than either one of my parents are at the moment!!!



What a lucky day!!!  Twila is improving.  She’s still very weak, but is eating and she even showered yesterday.  The world which was off kilter because I was looking much better than Twila, is now righting itself.  She indeed looks better than me.  Perhaps I should shower or do my hair? Nah!

I packed up from their beautiful condo, made arrangements, and we were off to catch the 2:39 flight to Honolulu.  Good people on the Big Island.  One of my favorites was RN Mike McCool.  That’s really his name.  We all kept laughing.  He had seen Twila every time she’d been to the little hospital.  We landed, and got situated.  OldCastle and Wade’s Boss, Tim Ortman, have been so generous, they’d arranged for a rental car and for a hotel.

The hotel is about a mile away from the hospital, in the Honolulu Financial District.  It is great.  It’s more a suite, with a little kitchen, living area and bedroom.  We are on the 20th floor and our view includes more beautiful, tropical Honolulu high rises and the harbor.  Yes, we can see palm trees.  We are lucky.

We hauled our bags to the room (I’m expert now on taking 4 suitcases), and then headed off to Queen’s hospital.  It was a very tender moment to witness as Twila walked in, Wade was resting, and when he opened his eyes and saw her, he just said “Oh!”  

Wade is vintage Wade.  Happy, positive, smart alecky.  I perceive he is in great pain.  He started PT yesterday.  That will continue.  Yesterday he did stand up and sit in a chair.  He wanted to feed himself.  They wrap a washcloth around a spoon, so it’s easier to hold, and he was able to get a few bites into his mouth.  Victory! I’ve seen Wade bend and move both legs, and use his right arm to eat, press buttons and such.  His left arm lays there like Cleopatra on her silken chaise lounger.  All in due time. 

Wade says it’s “electrifying” to feel all of the nerve endings coming back.  Think of your foot falling asleep, and then awakening, now multiply that by, oh, say a million.  Some people have all the fun.  The nurse last night said that it is a good possibility that Wade may be transferred to a regular floor today.  Right now, his job is to heal.  He needs to eat as much as he can and drink and rest.  Pretty much the same for Twila (she just woke up, headache is back, I whacked her with a dish and she’s back resting)

We feel and know of all your prayers.  Heavenly Father is watching over them.

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  1. Dana - you are awesome - nice to get a report from one who knows and is observing - glad to hear all the positive reports...take good care of the love-birds (and yourself!)