Sunday, April 7, 2013

Modge Podge Diaper Box

Well hello there!! I'm really excited about this tutorial! Mostly because I've been planning for it for like ever.. it was just a matter of finding the right wrapping paper, which I finally found, and a matter of finding the time.... but ever since Maila has been on the mend, time has been on my side!! She naps like an angel and even sleeps through the night!! *swoon*

Here's what you need to make your own:

First thing you want to do if there's any white in your paper is spray paint your diaper box white. You only need on coat of spray paint and it doesn't have to hide everything perfectly. Just enough for the pattern on the diaper box to not show through the white of your paper.

Don't worry about spray painting the bottoms. I don't because I'll never look at them so it won't bother me. You can if you want :)

The second step is measuring out your pieces of paper. You want to be sure that there's an overlap with your paper. Don't make it the exact size of your box. Now, I forgot to take a picture of this because I'm stupid, but it's pretty easy. Just like you would when wrapping a present, unroll your wrapping paper and cut out the pieces that you need!! Easy peasy!

When your spray paint is dry, bring your box inside and let's get to work. Take your modge podge, and starting with the smallest ends...

Put a healthy coating of modge podge all over that bad boy and then carefully lay your piece of paper on top. Smooth out with your hands, or a spatula or something to get rid of air bubbles...

Now, let's take care of where the paper is too big. Let's start with the sides... Put another healthy layer of modge podge and then fold over. Smooth out the air bubbles... Repeat for both sides.

Now. let's do the bottom... Another healthy coat of modge podge, and then fold the sides down first, and then the bottom. Make sense? Here's it in pictures...

Put another layer of Modge Podge over the top and wait for it to dry to make sure that it's sealed.

Repeat this process for the inside of the box, like so...

When both of your smaller ends are done, it should look like this.

Obviously, I was awesome at removing the air bubbles.

Repeat that whole process for the long side of your boxes.

Now, you could leave it like this... or you could get super fancy and paint it...

 I only painted one side in case I didn't like it... and truthfully?? I'm not crazy about it. But maybe I'll swing it around for Valentines Day or something...

I love them. They are perfect in my room. Good for the storage... plus they're pretty.



  1. cute idea - I thought you would make one with a pink heart and one with a blue heart - your creativity never ceases to amaze me