Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lovey Dovey Custom Shadow Box Tutorial


This projects just melts my heart every time I walk by it. It's so personal, and perfect and the right amount of lovey dovey for my master bedroom. It's just.... heaven.

Do you want to make your own?? Here's how you do it...

Find a shadow box... this one was given to me by my sweet neighbor. It was brown, I spray painted it white so it'd match the rest of my room.

Find a quote that you want to use... mine comes from one of my favorite books.. Pride & Prejudice. (could I be anymore predictable?) 

"You have bewitched me body and soul. And I love, I love, I love you."
Mr. Darcy

I created a printable for this quote so that the hand writing would be perfect... feel free to use it for yourself if you want it!

Put a pic of you and your honey inside the shadow box... I used some of my favorite wedding photos.

 Take your wording and cut it to match the size of the glass and tape it to the INSIDE of the shadow box.

Now close your shadow box and trace the words onto the glass... I used what I had on hand. You can use a paint pen, or sharpie or whatever you please...

Now, I'm left handed so I traced from right to left so I wouldn't smear the paint.

That's it. Wait for your paint to dry, open the box, remove the paper and enjoy!! Easy peasy!! I love mine!!!


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