Monday, April 15, 2013

New (P)Leather Purse

I've been needing to get my mind off of everything for a while to give myself a break. The only way I can do that completely is to immerse myself in a project. So that's where this came from... I needed a new purse anyways and I found the gray and green leather on a super sale.. but I'm pretty positive it's pleather...... where would they get neon lime green leather from???

I drew inspiration from a couple purses...

This one.. (which I made last year out of a yummy caramel colored leather...)

And some inspiration from little bits of all these....

I love my new purse. And it was worth the 12 hours of work to be able to get my mind off of all the rubbish going on. I LOVE LOVE it.

Wish I had somewhere to go now with my new purse....


  1. Beautiful purse! You are very talented. Love the colours! I want

  2. So cute! I just stumbled across your blog on Pinterest and am so glad I did. My husband is starting dental school in Philly this fall, and I'll need to be able to decorate on a dental school budget as well :)