Thursday, April 4, 2013

Painted Nightstands!

Maila has been recently put on medication to treat a bunch of infections... kidney, bladder, and recurring UTI's... We FINALLY figured out why she's been such a diva!!! She's been in excruciating pain! But after running all these tests, and starting her medication, it's like I have a brand new baby!! She's happy, she eats, she sleeps, it almost makes me weep with joy. And NOT for my sake! But for the sake of my darling baby who is FINALLY feeling better, maybe even normal for the first time since she was born!! It's been such a change in my home.

With that said, my darling daughter has finally fallen into a routine... she naps, AND sleeps all night. Well, at least she's done that for the last two nights in a row!! It's amazing. That gives me some much needed time to let out my creative monster...

This is what I tackled yesterday...

Here's how you do it....

Take your nightstand outside, take it apart, and begin painting.... start from the inside and work your way out..

I should note, this nightstand was a laminate cover... I'm pretty sure. Now, I read all over the internet that you need to prime laminate furniture before you paint it or the paint won't stick, but I didn't experience that problem... I sanded it down pretty good and gave it two good thick coats. The first with a normal good quality paintbrush, and the second with a good quality roller so there wouldn't be any streaks from a paint brush.

After letting your paint dry...flip your nightstand or table or whatever over and paint the legs. Two thick coats again.. Make sure the paint dries completely in between coats.

And that's it. Wait for the paint to dry, and then reassemble your nightstand and enjoy your hard work!!

It looks AWESOME in my master bedroom!! Excited to finish up some other projects so I can show you how good that room looks!!

I love it.

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