"I'm here to create, not compete..."
Wallace Wattles 
This blog is about being a mom, it's about my family and our adventures. It's about everything I love and some of my trials. It's about what I believe and connecting with people. It's about crafting and my creative outlet. It's about creating. Decorating through Dental School is my creative outlet. Because let's face it, I'd go crazy if I didn't have a way to let my creativity out.  
This blog is about finding out how to do things on a budget. While Kyle is in dental school, money is more than a wee bit tight, so it takes just about every ounce of creativity in my brain to think of ways to turn our house into a home on a measly non-existent budget.  I spend almost all of my free time dreaming of ways to make everything better for my family.. including how to make our home more beautiful and organized and how to preserve memories for my children and the future generations. I also create the occasional obnoxiously huge headband for my baby girl. (I'll show you some time)

This is a blog about my love for pictures. I'm an avid picture taker (Kyle tells me I look like a tourist in our own home) and an amateur (AT BEST) videographer (of my own little family). I believe walls should be cluttered with pictures of the family.
So sit back, and try to enjoy my ramblings if you can.  It can get a little bit crazy up in here.

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  1. Love your ideas! I have always told my hubby that I don't care about nice cars, fancy clothes, etc. All I really want is a cozy, stylish home! Being a stay-at-home mom means I spend so much time at home (as I'm sure you know!) and I want it to be beautiful! Thanks for sharing your ideas! I love your beautiful home.