Saturday, February 19, 2011


sometimes i think about disappearing for a month or so
to some remote tropical country
with the sand between my toes
and a tan on my back
with some fruity drink in my hand
a hammock holding me up
reading a good book.

no phones.
no computers.
no shoes.
no nothing.

i'd get to walk around some neon colored town
meeting locals, eating foreign cuisine,
and buying pointless knick-knacks that i need
and introducing my child to a different way of life

wouldn't it be lovely?
does anyone know how to make it come true
with no money?

P.S. does anyone else hate the fact that everything revolves around MONEY??

i guess that's why they call it a daydream.
one day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Conversation over Skype:

Kyle: Rambo pooped in the house today.

Hailey: Was it diarrhea?

Quin: Did he get in trouble?

Kyle: No, because he did it while I was at school . Otherwise, he would have.

Quin: I poop in the house everyday and I don't get in trouble.


What a fun trip this will be.