Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's True...

I've been known to sew on occasion.. my newest sewing venture has become something of an obsession.... Maxi skirts!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, and almost wear them on a daily basis. So loose, comfy and just...perfect. One problem, any time I find one in the stores... TOO much. Seriously, who can afford $50 on a skirt?? Not me. Not now.

The one down side to making your own maxi skirts is that jersey fabric is not that cheap. Unless you find a great deal on it... It typically is $9.99/yd and the nicer, softer ones are $14.99/yd. And you need about 2 yards per skirt, so it can be expensive unless you've got a really great place to get good quality jersey fabric for cheap.... which I happen to have :)

I figure I can put my sewing-a-maxi-skirt knowledge to good use and start selling them for *almost* cheaper than it would be to make your own...

Visit here for prices and such... but for now... here are the jersey fabrics I currently have on stock..



Large Cheetah Print

Large Blue Floral Print

Navy and White Stripes

Lime Green

Navy Sequin with Navy Lining

Navy Blue


Sheer Coral with lining

Small Tan Floral

Turquoise Ruffle

Turquoise Stripes

Turquoise Cheetah Print


White Jersey Lace with lining
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Maila & Max

There's nothing sadder than a sick baby, but there's nothing cuter than a sick baby trying to be happy.
Can you just see how exhausted she is?? I mean look at those bags under her eyes, poor baby.

and Rambo... he's cute too.

And we mustn't forget Max, who also hasn't gotten dressed for 3 days. He's been living off of suckers, cookies, string cheese, apple juice, Brave, Mickey Mouse and Finding Nemo. Such a trooper.

New Printable

I love Elder Uchtdorf. He is so full of wisdom and beautiful words. I made this simple, simple printable for myself and thought I'd share it with you. SUPER SUPER simple people, but I still love it.

It's sized for a 12x18 print... don't ask why the awkward size, I have a special place for this...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Maila's ER Visit

I'm seriously not joking when I say that Maila picks up EVERY illness there is. Seriously... you could probably drive by her like 5 miles away, and if you had the flu, she'd get it too. It's a problem. Side effect of being preemie, I suppose.

As most of you know... or maybe you don't.. I spent the better part of Monday in the hospital with Maila. Shocker, I know. She's such a healthy baby!!! *cough*

Around 1 am she woke me up with a really croupy cough.. I thought it was Max at first, because he gets croup frequently, but after watching him sleep, I realized it was Maila. Awesome. I picked her up and she was on FIRE (not literally) but she had a 102.4 temperature! Wowzas! That's high! Too high! So I gave her some tylenol and took her pajamas off and gave her a bottle.. her temp came down eventually and she fell back asleep so I assumed she was fine..


She woke me up around 6am coughing again. Another high fever, some pretty serious croupy coughing she was really struggling to breathe. I gave her some more tylenol and called my doctors office. Which of course wasn't open.. but they have a urgent care center there that might have been open. It wasn't. They didn't open until 8:30am.

Off to the ER we go.

I probably would have waited if it was Max, but because Maila goes from bad to really worse in about 3 seconds, I didn't want to take my chances.

I woke up my poor neighbor and she came over to sit with Max. Kyle couldn't because he had a test that morning.

Long, boring, story short... Maila indeed has croup. A pretty bad case of it. She also is struggling from high fevers (102 - 103) and has the flu!!! BEST DAY EVER!

They checked her for RSV, but thankfully that came back negative. She did have to get a chest x-ray however ... and I must admit, it's pretty weird how they give infants chest x-rays...

It looks like she's being tortured or something...
I only had my phone at the hospital so ignore the poor quality..

They gave her some meds, a steroid shot and sent her home around 3ish... LONG day.

Things I learned while at the hospital with Maila:

1. She looks chubby in a lot of pictures that I take when in fact she is NOT chubby.

2. Sleep is non-existent when she doesn't feel good. Unfortunately, she kept teaching me that lesson last night as well.

3. Infant hospital gowns are just as unflattering as adult hospital gowns.

4. When her nails are painted = cutest baby EVER, even with tears in her eyes. Her hot pink fingernails were the talk of the hospital!

Even sick she makes me happy.
Poor girl.

Here's to hoping she recovers quickly.

I'm dreaming of color...

Decorating Dilemma.

It would be so much easier for me to decorate Max & Maila's room if I could put Maila in the same kind of bed that Max is in.... But I think 6 months is a little young for a twin sized bed.

I guess their room is going to be a bit more of a challenge than I thought... one HUGE (but beautiful) crib and one twin bed, a dresser, and a bookshelf... hmm.. how to make it fit and look chic?

Lots of people do it and it looks darling... I just have to figure out how I'm going to do it. And on the cheap..

No worries, it can be done.

For now, I leave you with this eye candy... gorgeous rooms... full of inspiration!

couldn't find the original source for this pic

One thing I know is that I want COLOR... and LOTS of it!! Now off to brainstorm how to get the perfect kids room, with a skinny budget!!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wall Art!

Need a cheap, easy way to decorate your walls?? I saw this idea on Pinterest, and it's GENIUS!!! Thought I'd share it with you :)

Photograph your child's favorite toys, order a large print, find a big frame (Ikea is really cheap) and put it on the wall! Viola!!
Cheap, easy, personal way to decorate a kids room!!

I can't wait to put this guy on my sons wall... he'll totally flip out!!!!!!

DIY Painted Headboard Tutorial

What's happening?! I'll tell you. I am going to show you how to get your very own, SUPER cheap DIY Painted Headboard!! I LOVE it!! I've seen a lot of versions on pinterest, but not one quite like mine (that doesn't mean someone smarter than me already did it exactly the same way)... It was SUPER easy to do and only cost me a couple bucks as opposed to a couple hundred or thousand an actual headboard would cost.. and remember people, I'm all about decorating with a budget, or more accurately, NO money.

Check out these lovely painted headboards - there are SO many creative people out there!!

 polka dots - source
mountain - source
turquoise monogrammed - source
white oultine on gray - source

The last one is the most similar to mine, and I loved the idea of leaving my whole headboard dark..but that's a lot of dark in one room... In the above pictures, they have white walls as well so it's a little easier for their room to not look like a cave... like mine would...

To begin, you need tape - GOOD tape, not crappy tape, we don't want paint bleeding here people!! The less touch-ups you have to do, the can spend all that extra time playing cars with your son!

So.. measure where you want your headboard to go on your wall - make SURE you are TOTALLY HAPPY with the placement as you are stuck with it once it's painted!! No rearranging allowed!!

 I have a king sized bed and I wanted this headboard to be wider than my bed... so mine measured 80 in wide... and about 6 1/2 feet tall. I wanted it to make a statement!

Now paint all around your tape with your background wall color...

Now, my headboard has two colors to it. The main color is white... and the border around my headboard is a light gray. If you want a border, tape that off.. I just added another tape row to my outline.. does that make sense??

Paint your main color, and then when that is dry peel the tape off, and re-tape around your border.. I should have taken a picture of that step, but you get it right??

Here it is totally painted.... Like I said, the main part is white, and the outline is a light gray. It makes for a smoother transition than just dark gray to white I think..

I don't know why these are uploading blurry... I lose. But you get the idea, just ignore my gross nightstands and mismatched lamps... It'll look much better once I get to tackle those... but for now... Here's what my room looks like!! I LOVE it!! Such an improvement!! Do you remember what is was before??

Ugly. That's what it was. And while some parts might still be ugly here, it's still an improvement.

Total Cost for my Painted Headboard:
White Paint = Free (got it from my apartment complex)
Light Gray Paint = $2.50 (used a sample paint jar from Home Depot, just had them make it in the color I wanted)
Painters Tape = Free (I already had a lot)
Paint Brushes = Free (already had those too)

Can't beat $2.50 for a headboard, I win!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just chillin by the fire...

We built another fire today when Kyle got home from school. Well... I tried earlier but I must be flame-retardant... ha..ha. I seriously just made myself giggle.

Max and I played while Maila napped -

Hopefully he'll continue to think that 5 feet away from the fire is really hot and he'll never actually touch it. That would be ideal.. I'll keep my fingers crossed....and toes.

And then... Maila started laughing. So I guess she wasn't napping after all. But look... she's so happy to be awake :)



I love my babies. They make me happy, when skies are gray, and snowy...and freezing..