Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quick (or not) Update

Well, things have been kind of crazy around here lately, and I figure it's probably not going to get better or easier for me to update this least not right away, so I thought I'd let you in on some insight to what we've been up to. And I'm warning you, you can stop reading now, because this is a LONG post. Like I said, we've (especially me) have been very busy.

So, first. We took a trip in early Aug. to say goodbye to Cole! He left for his mission in the Dominican Republic and I miss him terribly. It's really hard to not text or call him, etc. Especially when I'm used to doing that every day, multiple times a day. But it's ok, because he's out there doing the right thing. Which makes me happier than not having him here makes me sad. Does that make any sense? Anyways, it was a lovely opportunity to see all the people that we don't get to see all the time!!! I loved it!!

And no, the cute little black thing, not our dog. My parents got a new one.
I'm pretty sure it's to replace Cole while he's gone.
Her name is Sophie. They LOVE her.
which is the understatement of the century

Now, onto not so happy things. I know that alot of you have probably heard about this, but not seen anything about it. Which would make sense because we're the only ones that have pictures of it and I haven't put any up. But here you go. On Sept. 13 Kyle and I were woken up at 4:15ish a.m. to screaming, banging, hysterical people, etc. This is the lovely image we saw:

And yes. That is OUR apartment building. Not the one next to us, or across from us. That is OURS. Awesome. Luckily it didn't do any damage to our apartment, the firefighters put it out before it got to us, which was lucky as we don't have renters insurance. (Now we do, but we didn't then.) Other people, were not so lucky. The tenant on the top floor apartment was killed in the fire, but everyone else got out alive. Although, two families had to be relocated to other apartments as theirs were obviously ruined and another apartment was vacant so that was lucky. But anyways, here's the aftermath...

this pic of the siding isn't the building that caught fire,
this is across the walkway from my building, and all that happened
here was the siding got melted off because of the heat coming from the fire.
it was a big fire.

Kyle also got interviewed for our local news station about it.
Not exactly how you want your 15 min of "fame" spent, but oh well.
We are very blessed.

And moving on, once again!! But this time back to HAPPY THINGS!!! I've been crafting my eyes out and I have a boat load of unfinished projects to prove it!! I wish i had pictures of all of them to share, but neither you or I have time to look at all them. Trust me, it's alot. One that I do have pictures of is my PUFF QUILT!! Which I absolutely ADORE!!!!!! It was tedious and still isn't one hundred percent complete (I have to finish hand stitching the binding) but I love it and it works for now.

You start with these:

Make little pillows, stuff them:

Sew them shut, line 'em up in whichever pattern you like:

sew them together, add siding, backing, binding, and
VIOLA! The worlds most adorable quilt.
I do love it

if someone wants a real tutorial on how to do this, let me know

But be warned that you need the help of an accomplice like mine:
he's so useful.

Other various projects have included redoing my bedroom. I know I posted earlier about a fabric I wanted to user, but after looking at it for an extended period of time, it really just didn't fit me. So I went brighter. I rearranged furniture, made pillows and this is the result. I love it, I'm pretty sure Kyle does (that's what he says) and it's okay if you don't. Because you don't live here.

And last but not least, our little baby boys nursery. I FINALLY finished it. Lots of late nights, hard work, and just....well. Lots of work. But I like it and it works for me, and it's pretty much all lime green which I must admit I kind of love about it!!!

We are so ready for this little guy to get here!!!!
I can't wait to meet him and start that page in our lives!
Don't get me wrong, I'm terrified in all the right ways,
but I know Kyle will be an AWESOME father,
which must mean that I won't be that bad of a mom.

But until that little guy decides to get here,
This little guy will keep us occupied.

Our life really is wonderful.
We really are so blessed.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ok, here's the deal -

So.... this week S.U.C.K.E.D.
But it could have been WAY worse, so that's all the complaining I'm going to do now.
Pics, details, story to follow at some point. I'm just tired of telling the story right now.

But so you all know, we're fine, our stuff is fine, rambo is fine, everything is fine.

Now we're just waiting for baby, and he needs to get here because we need something good right about now.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

in case there is a millionaire secretly reading my blog,
i'm currently addicted to this place setting.
i REALLY want it.
so if you want to buy it for me,
you can find it here
adorable, yes?

Monday, September 6, 2010


i am SO very blessed to be able to live so close to family
in all honesty, i am really TRULY starting to love it here in lewiston
(shhh... don't tell kyle)
one of the many perks of living by family here in lewiston is
She's wonderfully talented.
and she takes wonderful pictures.
so yes. i am very blessed.
it's quite a feat to make someone who feels VERY un-beautiful
(like maybe me who just feels fat, bloated, and like i may have a slight case of elephantitis)
and take a picture that makes me feel beautiful.

i just really appreciate her right now when i'm feeling so gross.
so thanks Heidi