Monday, March 21, 2011

Rambo thinks he's a baby

Rambo gets confused sometimes as to whether or not he gets to eat Max's baby food.

but we just let him sit there and beg.

Best Friends

Max and Rambo are best friends. Here's proof.

We're running out of projects...

Hello Boise Basement Dwellers!!!!!
Kyle, Mom, Dad and I have a suprise for you!!


the large bathroom has new floors, new shower curtain WITH a liner,
new rugs, new towels, new accessories...

it looks beautiful, i think.
I love it.

Small bathroom has NO DUCK WALLPAPER,
and if you can believe it, LIME GREEN walls.
** the lime green is VERY faint, and looks cream in the pictures, but it's green **
(I have officially infiltrated at least one room in this house)
new rugs, new wall accessories, new towels, etc.

They both look great. Much better than the originals.
so I hope you like them!!!
We worked hard.

now the only questions is,
what do we redo next??
We've run out of bathrooms.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've been a busy girl.

Which I feel like is a blessing! Kyle and I have been trying to figure out a way to make some extra money and my solution was to open an Etsy shop. Now I know I posted that a couple months ago. Probably back in October, when I opened it. And things have been S.L.O.W. in my shop, until a couple weeks ago. When some photography challeneged me to make something, and I did.
{ see below }

I then thought this would be a great thing to market and make... I'm the only person on etsy making anything like this, so as you can imagine... business picked up!! Which is WONDERFUL!!! I am loving the opportunity to create, and we are all enjoying the lighter pull on our wallets. I've had the oppotunity to work with some really creative people who are just fueling all of my ideas... one of which is some hot-shot (i guess) who is going to feature my item in a MAGAZINE!!!!! Can you believe it??!! I am SO excited I can hardly stand it...

My next pouf is going to have these little roses all over it - darling for spring!!

Apart from working for my shop, I've taken some time to do some home improvement things.... As you can imagine, our apartment is quite small, so having a big over sized coffee table - not practical. So I've been looking for a new ottoman, one with some storage hopefully so I can hide Max's/Rambo's toys in there. And I found this one...

On clearance because it was scuffed and had holes, but no bother... I'm crafty!!

so I recovered it!!

Much more fitting for my home I think!!

I love it!

And as always, I am a mother and wife first.
So while I'm having fun creating, I'm also remembering to spend time
with my family.

I get to enjoy these two cuddling ALL day

{seriously - nap time is adorable}

I am lucky enough to get to love on this little guy all day! He's so beautiful!

Life is Good, people.
Be Happy.