Monday, April 12, 2010

Pictures of Rambo....At request of Mom Hobson

Rambo enjoys being the center of attention! He knows how to get it now since he can jump on the couch with ease and can now jump on our bed without any help. This is bad news!! But he enjoys watching Hailey get beat in Mario Cart!!

This is what happens every time Rambo tries to get a drink from his water dish... Then he tracks it all over the house!

Well we decided that we are not paying Petco to give Rambo a hair cut for $40.00! So we have decided that we are going to do it ourselves. We had some minor injuries from his claws, lot and lots of barking, pooping on Hailey, and peeing on me when trying to cut his face. It took three hours and the dog looks uglier! BUT it saved us $40.00!

We didn't get a picture of his pooping episode but we do have some pictures of the aftermath of peeing and his haircut!