Friday, August 16, 2013

Oh how He loves YOU

Made this for my home - what a great reminder.

Another Nightstand Transformation

I did a nightstand DIY before...

But this one is a little more time consuming... I had to transform this little dresser because I HATED it's "decorative accents". But it was basically free and I needed a little table... so a little elbow grease helped me do this... and I LOVE it!!

Here's how I did it...

3 simple steps. I just pried off those accent thingys (super technical word usage - I know) with a flat head screwdrive and pliers. Then I sanded. Alot. Then I spray painted (didn't want paint streaks). Make sure to sand inbetween painting but make sure the paint is totally dry. I did 3 coats of spray paint in a high gloss white. Love it!

Then just replace the drawers with some new ones and viola! New table! It looks totally different!

Easy peasy..

Stay tuned for how I transform this awesome chair I found on the SIDE OF THE ROAD!! What??
Why do people throw away perfectly fine pieces of furniture... Their trash is my treasure!!