Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Maila and I found ourselves alone in the basement today while the boys were napping. I admit, I am not the greatest at using my time wisely when it comes to my children... normally (I'm ashamed to say) I'd come down, plop her in front of a great big pile of toys and I'd get on the computer and do whatever I do.

I brought her down to the basement with me intending to do just that... but she gave me the most gorgeous smile when I sat her down in front of her toys that I just couldn't leave her there. So we played, ate applesauce, held hands, gave slobbery kisses, and giggled together.

My sweet little baby is only little for a little bit. And today I just wanted to gobble her up!! I hope I don't forget any of the little things about her that I already see changing... the massive gap in her front teeth, her chubby thighs or the mullet hair style she is currently rocking. I love her pudgy feet and stubby fingers. But mostly, I love her eyes. Her big, bright blue eyes. Just like her brother, just like her dad.

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon, just me and my girl.


  1. She is getting so big! You can definitely tell that she and Max are siblings :)

  2. Good job at capturing the moment THEN enjoying the moment - you are an awesome mommy!

  3. I love her eating that applesauce with her little pinky finger out! My baby does that too, it cracks me up. Only 1 and already a little lady. (both of them)