Monday, September 9, 2013

Fabric Wall Treatment

I've been a busy girl today!! My in-laws are coming to town on Wednesday and I had a couple last minute projects I wanted to get done before they got here.... I'm not quite finished, I have to do the other side of the fireplace, but I am just so darn excited about it!! I wanted to share!!


Tutorial coming soon!! I know you all want to do this too!!

 Now if I could only get my landlords to let me paint that brick on the fireplace white....


  1. you don't have to kill yourself to get things done just because we are coming in town - just seeing all the family is good enough for us - you are so clever

  2. Hailey I love your blog! I love seeing your projects and getting inspired to make our home more colorful and beautiful! Love you lady!!

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  4. Hi Hailey remember me (Millie), I don't think so. You left our Lorain ward (Ohio) when you were a little girl. Actually Quinn was a baby when you guys left. I love your blog and I plan to add it to my blog.
    I have 3 blogs. the one I just mentioned is all about decorating and extreme couponing.
    My vegan blog...
    and my gospel blog
    I love the adorable things you are guys are doing such a great job. I hope to get from you some cute ideas...I love your white table and your fabric wall...fabulously done. I will be back soon...take care of that cute family you have.

  5. This is such a great idea. Thank you!