Saturday, September 22, 2012

Project P90x - Day 6


Today is the kind of day where I am reminded that I am a mother. More specifically, a mother of two. With a husband in Dental School. A husband that has to study all the time (rightfully so), so I'm left at home with my two children. Alone. Like a lot of other mothers out there. A lot of other mothers who also have two children, that have bad days.

Very bad days.

It's only noon and I'm pretty sure this is the worst day since I brought Maila home. Two screaming children, both covered in dog pee thanks to Max and Rambo (don't ask, don't tell) makes for an eventful day - needless to say.

I couldn't complete my workout because my children are my first priority and they were going INSANE. "Mad, I tell you!! Mad!!" It was a 58 min DVD and I made it until there were only 13 minutes left and then I couldn't handle the screaming anymore.

Kenpo was an interesting workout. Unless you really get into it, and I do mean REALLY into it, it's not much of a workout. You could totally do this DVD and not even break a sweat if you weren't trying. It's just a lot of punching and kicking ... but to get the workout to work-you-out you've gotta get full hip action and everything going on!! Pivot your feet, swing your hips, bounce up and down. When you get into it, it's pretty tough. And I wasn't even going as hard as the people on the DVD.

Honestly, not my best workout. I tried really hard but my children were making it difficult. Grr. Hopefully the next time I tackle this DVD I can have more focus for it .. but something is always better than nothing!!


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