Monday, September 17, 2012

Project P90x - Day 1

Brace yourselves - I'm about to get real personal up in here.

Needless to say - after 2 babies - my body is NOT what it used to be. Bum-mer. After Max I *tried* to do something about it but never really stuck with anything because ... drum roll please - I'm lazy.
(How's that for honest?) I figured I looked ok ... maybe. Hubs said I was still beautiful. But I didn't feel beautiful. And then.... Baby #2. Whew. Body = trashed.

But now I'm actually going to do something about it. Because, while I still may be lazy, I'm tired of looking like this :
Blah. Gross. But is it 9 weeks after giving birth and right after a workout - so that's not so bad right?

Maybe I'm not "fat" (or maybe I am) but I'm not thin. Which is what I would like to be. Actually - I'd just like to be healthy. Thin comes with that. So this is the plan:


I started it before - but like I said I'm lazy.  I don't think I cared enough. But I care now. So we're doing this amigos.

I've even got a reward/punishment system worked out so it's good motivation for me, and I have a buddy to work out with and I have to report daily to Kyle (and now to my blog) to make sure I actually do it. My buddy is Kelly - we're both doing it in the privacy of our own homes and I think it will work. Especially now that I've blogged it and it's out in the universe so I'll feel like a total reject if I don't do it now..

Day 1:


Kicked. My. Trash. 9 weeks after baby #2 - and I am OUT OF SHAPE. Ah. I'm not sore now, but I know that tomorrow I'm going to die.
I read somewhere that if you look pretty when you're done working out, then you didn't do it right. And I feel like I look pretty gross. (as you can see from above picture - my face and arms are all red and splotchy - adorable)
Also - I think there's something wrong with my wrist - hurts to grip anything with my left hand and definitely hurts to put weight on it (like when doing push ups) But I found out today that if I make a fist and do pushups that way (instead of a flat hand) it's way less painful. But I still think I'm going to get it looked at..

I've thought about giving my starting weight on here - but it's a lot of pounds and I'm not sure I'm ready to share that with the universe yet...

Maybe when it's not so many pounds.



  1. maybe i should post too, be more accountable!

  2. Way to go, cute mamma! You are an inspiration :)

  3. Oh my gosh, P90X is NOT for wimps! plus, 2 babies keeps a girl BUSY! You Rock Hailey!

  4. Good job Hailey! I feel the same way after one baby. I've been doing my fitness pal (it's a website and an app) And I've lost 46 pounds! You can do it! :) :) Good luck.

  5. Way to be, Hailey! P90X IS HARD!!! You can do it. Take it one day at a time sister and 90 will fly by. Good luck!