Friday, June 15, 2012

Sick baby and a Schedule

Usually when I make a schedule, I don't follow it. But that's because I'm lazy and have project ADD. (it's true) - but this time... it's not totally my fault. Granted, I was a little behind, but come on, I was way to ambitious in my early scheduling days. But now - holy cow - I am behind. It's a good thing that I added catch up days when I did or I would seriously be hurting.
remember this??
 So far, the only two things that have been done completely on time, are Heidi's curtains, and speaking in church. Yay me!!!

But like I said, not totally my fault - Maxy McSick Pants has been ill and husband has been gone on a river trip. So let me ask you, what do you get when you have a sick baby, a tight schedule, and an out of town husband??

You get nothing done.

At least I've accomplished that.

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