Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lime Green Romper

This little gem... the romper - not the baby (although that baby is adorable) ... is now the newest member of my baby girls closet!! YAY!!!!!! I'm so excited about it I can't even tell you. I found this promotion for it on line through Mommy's Little Sunshine (click on image below to go to their website)

If you pick out a Petit Romper (any color) and put in the promotional code (Summer12) it's FREE!!! -- I think it only goes through July 7th but I'm not sure -- (plus shipping - which is only like $8 or $9 or something) But hey!!! Saved me a bunch of money and now I don't have to make one myself (ruffle fabric is so bloody expensive anyways it would have cost me more than $8 or $9 to make it anyways)

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Won't my baby be adorable?? Yes. She will be. Think of all the cute pictures I can get in this outfit.

1 comment:

  1. I got a pink one! They are so amazing! I'm so excited for mine too. I think it's hilarious that we are due at the same time. ha ha I love it!