Friday, June 29, 2012

A Pouf and a Car Seat

I've had a lot of projects that I've wanted to do lately, and some that I have to do.

This pouf (which I love) was a "have-to-do" -----

Adorable, isn't it?? I LOVE it!! If it didn't take 20+ hours to assemble, I would make myself one...maybe.

On my list of "want-to-do" projects, was the car seat. SUPER easy (only took like 3 hours - maybe) and SO adorable!!! I didn't replace the edge color, but I did replace the patterned fabric and the binding around the edge. A quick, simple, and adorable update! So can't wait to put a chubby baby in it!

Before: It wasn't bad...just boyish and dirty - I still like it, just wanted something a little more girly

After: I LOVE it SO much!!! Love the bright clean colors!!

After: Complete with some nice semi-homemade binding

After: Closer view of the pattern. I love it so much!

It's been, and will be, a crazy couple of weeks. But hopefully I'll still get to work on projects!!!

Also, I should probably pack my house.

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