Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wasps Suck

Well, tonight would have been awesome playing out in the yard...
except for the fact that Max got stung in the ear.
wowza. I haven't even been stung in the ear.

see here.. see how it swelled??

But It's ok. Because two seconds later, he turned and smiled at me,
and check out the cute picture I got.

what a stud.


  1. Poor Max! The wasps have been terrible this year. I got stung on my toe. Last year all of my kids got stung and now they are terrified of anything bee-like. Max didn't seem to mind too much though. I hope he's feeling okay.

  2. Max is amazing - just got bit by a wasp and he is smiling - I don't think anything bad phases him - what a cute little man - and I love all the creativity you are doing with clothes - you are amazingly talented - have fun

  3. oh, just about forgot - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE "Y" SHIRT - GO COUGARS!!!!!