Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh baby,

This poor guy is sick.

He's got an intestinal virus
( which I took to mean the "flu" basically)
and a double ear infection.

If anybody has kids I'm pretty sure that you know how heartbreaking it is to watch your little one cry and cry and run fevers, and have cold sweats and throw up. It's awful!! His fever hasn't come below 99 degrees for TWO days now. It basically lingers around the 101 mark.

Good for me, I have two darling friends. Kim and Greg came over last night to see how we were doing. Mostly for Max, but I've been without a husband and week and will be until Saturday. Anyways, they came over to check on us and to remind me of a pretty important principle I hadn't forgot, but wasn't focusing on it like I should.

Kim: "How've you been today?"

Me: "Fine, but I haven't done anything productive today."

Kim: "Yes you have, you were a mother today."

I know it sounds like a silly little conversation, but believe you me. Instead of worrying about if the dishes get done, or the laundry gets folded, I'm going to sit here, in my pjs, and cuddle my little baby. We're going to watch movies and it's going to be divine. Except it would be better if his fever would break. Poor thing.

I'm glad I have the power of prayer in my life today, and I'm glad Kim is so in tune with the things I need to hear. But, then again, it's probably because she loves him too.



  1. I think I needed to read that as well. Poor baby! He better get well soon!

  2. Kim is awesome!
    On another note, does Max like the bath? When my babies get sick I give them lots of baths (think 2-3 a day). The water is soothing and if it's not too hot, it can help bring his fever down a bit too.

  3. I told you, the most important thing you are today is a mother to Max!