Saturday, November 7, 2009

I've got some catching up to do...

so......L A T E L Y it has actually been kinda busy around here...

and since i've been so SO lame about updating this thing... here you go...
with pictures and E V E R Y T H I N G
first of all:
KYLE and I bought our very FIRST dining table!!!!
walmart had a really great deal and we totally took advantage
now we just need to use it
my wonderful husband was the main assembler,
although i D I D do quite a bit as well
he just did most
we also went to the LEWISTON fair
which, it turns out, was really fun!!
although i did get hypnotized and may have permanently
embarassed my husband and myself
although it was quite the experience
T H E N:
i made a suprise visit to
which was incredibly successful
my husband and i are quite accomplished
at creating suprises
apart from the soul searching
and rest and relaxation
that was much needed
i accomplished quite alot with my momma and rest of the fam
i got to see my baby brothers play football
which isn't something that i've done
so that was A W E S O M E
i also got to tag along with my baby baby brother
to go to his FIRST date...
not entirely sure he appreciated all the questions i had for his date
(notice hideous dress)
but it was fun to be there and smile and coo, etc.
oh... my little quinny whinney
he's growing up so fast
it makes me feel so old
while quinny was on his first date...
and my parents were out...
Cole and I had our own date
we went to IN N OUT
and then bought necessities so that we could make
notice how mine is pretty much
professional grade
and cole...
he used more of his imagination
i mean notice the white frosting around his house
"dead ghosts"
oh man
i love that boys mind
we went four-wheeling
nuff said

and of course:
there is no way that we ficklins can get together
without fighting in the pool
see picture below

and of course:
my dear sweet baby brothers
had to go trick-or-treating
as ninjas
and run through my parents friends houses
at night
with no permission
as ninjas
you see why i love my family??

of course, this is not all that we've done
we've spent lots of time together
lots of giggles, lots of kisses
lots of hugs
just no pictures of that stuff

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