Friday, November 13, 2009

i frequently ignore phone calls
if there's a song on the radio that i like
so if i don't answer the phone, that's probably the case
my bad


  1. I ignore phone calls on the time too. Sometimes, it's just more fun to listen to music than to someone else. is that rude? Slightly.

  2. Do as you wish! We know you might eventually pick up if we call annoyingly ten times in a row, right?
    I haven't read your blog for quite awhile. It was fun catching up and reading about your trip to AZ, your house, life, and everything else. Love how you put together you house and so happy you had such a great time visiting your fam. Can't wait to see you two soon! Enjoy up north!!!

  3. hey sister!i am glad i found your blog! love it! hilarious! you looked great when i saw ya at the game! hope married life is treating you well!!:)