Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pouf The Magic Moneymaker

Well... remember when I said that I was going to be published in a magazine??? Well, this isn't that magazine, but I got an email today from THIS website... They featured me on their blog....... and they turn the blog into a magazine...

Which means.... (drum roll please)

I am going to be a published provider of all things pouf-y in their next issue!!

How exciting?!? I don't know how I will keep up with the demand though (if such a demand turns out)... Since it went on the blog on Friday my views for my pouf went from 276 views to 855 views. I have received multiple emails or orders and multiple emails for people inquiring about my product. I can't believe how lucrative this little hobby has turned out to be!! I am so excited about it!!

It just goes to show you that a little patience from the hubs and ALOT of hot glue pays off in the end!!

Now, I'm probably gonna to need an employee. Fo' realz. I'm going to be in trouble.


  1. Hailey - that's so awesome. Which blog featured you? (The link is broken - or it's just not working for me).

  2. Way to go, Hailey! I'm going to FB you a recommendation, but here I just wanted to say YAY!