Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh man...

i LOVE this kid.
He got circumcised yesterday and everyone thought that he would cry
(he has yet to really cry - he's such a good baby)
and guess what?
he still doesn't cry.
Granted, he did cry when they did it initially,
but not at home.
No crying, no whimpering, no nothing.
He just lays there with his big eyes open and stares at us.

How did Kyle and I get such an easy baby???

p.s. since i've got about an inch of grow out in my hair
(trust me, really blonde highlights with really dark roots -not attractive)
I've decided that I'm going to get my hair done.
and soon.
I'm particularly excited because i'm putting PINK in it.
that's right.
and I don't care what anyone says.
(except for Kyle and Max, but Max doesn't talk and Kyle just says "whatever")

We'll see how it goes

1 comment:

  1. Up in Moscow there's a place doing temporary pink highlights as a fundraiser for Bosom Buddies (free mammogram program). So if you wanted to take the pink out for a test drive you could try that. But I say just do it. And throw in a little purple, too. I'll live my hair dreams vicariously through you.