Tuesday, August 28, 2012


  Our family has had such an experience lately. Happy, sad, exciting, scary, stressful, relieving - if you can name the emotion... we've felt it in the last couple weeks. Here are some "catch up" pictures from lately - I'll have to update again when we're more settled here in Chicago!

Grandma feeding Maila


Grandma and Grandpa

We snuck three people into the NICU!!

Me and my baby girl

wrestling with grandpa

playing with motorcycles
This trip has also been filled with saying goodbye to people that we love.

Dianne -
There are only so many people in the world that would serve my family the way that she has. She has blessed our lives an infinite amount. In the vast amount of tender mercies that we have received lately, she is a big one. She was truly an angel for my family in our time and need and we love her so dearly for that.

 Grandma and Max
 Great grandpa Max with Maila

More saying goodbye to people that I love

 Big Red Wagon

 Riding the carousel in downtown Spokane

 Red Robin with Grandma and Grandpa Hobson ...

 This is a cute family picture - too bad it's missing one baby ...

 Aunt Heidi meeting Maila - oh how we love her
 Kent meeting Maila - notice the difference between me taking a picture (above) and Kyle taking a picture (below) :)


 Max meeting Maila for the first time NOT on a computer screen!!

Waiting to be picked up in Chicago!!!!

 So happy to finally be home and all together as a family :)

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  1. love love love all the pictures - I absolutely love the one with Kyle holding Max's hand walking in the park in Spokane AND the last one of Maila (the grin and her arms folded) priceless...great pictures Hailey - keep them coming