Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cameras, all kinds of cameras

Well, I guess I did it. I joined the cool crowd. I bought my self a fancy DSLR camera. Well, actually, I bought myself TWO.

Yes, you read right. I bought T.W.O. Nikon DSLR cameras.

Let me fill you in on the rest of the story...

I live in Lewiston. My sis-in-law Heidi lives in Lewiston. She owns a fancy camera, and takes fancy pictures, and makes money at it. I don't own a fancy camera, I can't take fancy pictures, and I don't make any money at it. I do however, have a looming Dental School Debt that *hopefully* begins next year.
Scratch that -- with all the applications and the one interview we've done, it's already begun, and we're not even in school yet.
I do have an etsy shop - and I do make, I think, a pretty good amount of money at it. I also teach piano lessons and I'm pretty sure I do okay there too. But... being married to Kyle, I've learned over the last 2.5 years to pay attention to my finances. I know, I know. Don't ask why I never did it before, I didn't have a child, husband, or normal life bills to pay before I got married. And subsequently, it never crossed my mind.
And while Kyle and I don't really spend money except for on what we need (he's better at it than me) we still are not as financially stable as either would like to be. (and we probably won't be until he's a dentist - but for now - at this point in our lives, we're not quite there.) so I needed a way to be able to make more money.

*light bulb*

HEIDI!!! She takes beautiful pictures and knows how to work a camera and figure out everything about that...and I live right next to her!! GENIUS. PLUS, she offered to help. Saint-like if you ask me because I'm not the easiest person in the world to work with. Anywho, she offered to help and I accepted. Only problem, I don't own a camera.

But I knew what I needed to get. so I bought a lens... Nikkor 50mm F1.8 and after doing all my research and listening to Heidi's advice I finally settled on a camera I THOUGHT would work for me.
Enter *Ebay* - oh goodness. It's wondrous if you know how to use it and crappy if you don't. After losing about 3 cameras to other *Ebay* aficionados that actually knew how to use the site, I finally bought my Nikon D5000. Woo hoo!! So excited UNTIL the dumb thing actually arrived. It worked beautifully, but just not with my lens. Which apparently wasn't compatible with that type of camera. Awesome. I just spent all that crapping money on a camera and it doesn't even work with my lens. Apparently, I missed the little part about what lenses work with what cameras in all that research I did. INSERT FEELING LIKE AN IDIOT HERE. Thank goodness that I had bought the camera from a company and not a person that accepted returns. So I returned the crapping thing and had to set off to buy another one. Enter the Nikon d90. Heidi owns the d80 and the d7000 and the Nikon d90 is right in between the two so I figure that's a good one to buy. She will know how to work it. More importantly, it's compatible with the lens that I've already bought... and can't return.

Very long, boring, story short. I bought my Nikon d90, returned the Nikon d5000 and am now qualified to give a review on the d5000, being a previous owner and all.

I'm sure it's a wonderful camera, but I think it's dumb.

Let's hope the Nikon d90 works out better for me. Or I may just return it and never buy another camera. EVER.

Until later, when I can really afford one.

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  1. Good luck in the photography industry it's getting pretty competitive. I don't know anything about lenses either I would have made the same mistake. Weddings are the money makers btw :)