Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paint Choices

The hubs and I walked to Home Depot last night and picked out some paint colors!! I am so excited about them!!

Apart from the wall, we're redoing these two beauties...

this beautiful little desk
(which I've already redone once)
is getting a total makeover!
It's turning yellow!
And I'm building some shelving built in the open spaces
It'll look so good!!
I wish I could find a dresser I could refinish instead,
but I can't seem to find one..

and yes, the most controversial thing that I am refinishing,
my piano.
let's face it people,
I'm not a wood purist,
and a lime green piano would be so cute in my house,
and it's happening.

Apart from those projects, which are my biggest. I've also got a thrifted mirror I need to paint, and a thrifted laundry basket that's going to be adorable! Plus, 3 poufs and 2 bags.

Busy, busy, busy...

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