Monday, March 21, 2011

We're running out of projects...

Hello Boise Basement Dwellers!!!!!
Kyle, Mom, Dad and I have a suprise for you!!


the large bathroom has new floors, new shower curtain WITH a liner,
new rugs, new towels, new accessories...

it looks beautiful, i think.
I love it.

Small bathroom has NO DUCK WALLPAPER,
and if you can believe it, LIME GREEN walls.
** the lime green is VERY faint, and looks cream in the pictures, but it's green **
(I have officially infiltrated at least one room in this house)
new rugs, new wall accessories, new towels, etc.

They both look great. Much better than the originals.
so I hope you like them!!!
We worked hard.

now the only questions is,
what do we redo next??
We've run out of bathrooms.


  1. Wow! Great job! You can come to my house now. It's easy here, just painting walls. I'm NOT good at painting. But you are!
    P.S. I can't tell that the bathroom wall is green...

  2. We have plenty of projects to do around here. =) Great job Hailey -- I like all the accessories you chose.

  3. you just have to realize that those bathrooms are 24 years old - a lot of use through the years with eight children living here - I thought that they were in pretty good condition since the "children" were responsible for keeping their bathrooms clean all those years - BUT they definitely look great now - thanks again, Kyle and Hailey - you do great work - now on to the bigger rooms to get that OLD wallpaper off...
    (ps - I took the large rugs back today and got smaller ones to put in front of the sinks - it looks way better...hope you approve, Hailey) - I just wanted to show more of the awesome floor that Kyle installed) thanks for taking the pictures