Monday, September 6, 2010


i am SO very blessed to be able to live so close to family
in all honesty, i am really TRULY starting to love it here in lewiston
(shhh... don't tell kyle)
one of the many perks of living by family here in lewiston is
She's wonderfully talented.
and she takes wonderful pictures.
so yes. i am very blessed.
it's quite a feat to make someone who feels VERY un-beautiful
(like maybe me who just feels fat, bloated, and like i may have a slight case of elephantitis)
and take a picture that makes me feel beautiful.

i just really appreciate her right now when i'm feeling so gross.
so thanks Heidi


  1. you really are so beautiful and i just love you!!!

  2. You ARE beautiful!! And I agree, Heidi IS VERY TALENTED!!

  3. Love the photos! You look beautiful! Thanks for sharing and I'm very jealous you get to live so close to my sister! :)