Monday, May 17, 2010

A new do for the dog!

So this time we were a little more successful with the dog this time (thanks to Chad already showing us how to cut his face). Enjoy the pictures and it only took an hour and a half this time. That includes the time to give him a bath. Next on the list is to clip his nails!

Even though it is very little that he gets, he LOVES Cheetos! He must be pregnant too (that is impossible) because Hailey craves Cheetos ALL the time. In a week and a half she probably has eaten the equivalent of 3 or 4 FAMILY size bags of Cheetos. Speaking of craving things....You know that your wife sends you to the store too many times when the checker at the register asks how your pregnant wife is feeling today!

We love his bushy tail and his long ears!It seams as no matter how short we cut his hair he always has an "al-falfa" hair on top of his head.

This is what both of us see when we sit on our lovely recliner (thanks mom again!!!) eating a quick snack! Then he starts to bark. It can get really annoying sometimes, but at least he knows that he isn't allowed on my lap.

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  1. cute doggie - no matter how short I cut Chewy's hair he always ends up with a mohawk down the middle of his head
    I think Rambo's haircut is shorter than Chewy's last one - I want to know how come he is not allowed on your lap...poor Rambo - nobody loves him...